CONSENSE #10 – Creativity

10th Workshop – Tuesday, Apr. 23, 2024 – B2 004 – 09.00-12.00 – Kristiansand

More info about this Workshop will come.

By viewing creativity not as a fluffy extra but as an essential complement to critical thinking, we empower our students to become both innovative thinkers and effective problem-solvers.

Creativity fuels critical thinking: Generates the raw ideas and perspectives for analysis and evaluation.

  • Solving complex problems: Imagines novel solutions beyond the limits of existing knowledge.
  • Adaptability in a changing world: Allows for improvisation and finding answers to unforeseen challenges.
  • Innovation & entrepreneurship: Drives progress by developing new products, services, and ways of thinking.
  • Self-expression & fulfillment: Encourages personal exploration, finding passions, and a sense of meaning.

Key Points from Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk:

  • Creativity is Essential: Sir Ken Robinson argues that creativity should be treated with the same importance as literacy in education systems.
  • Children Lose Their Creativity: As children progress through the school system, they become afraid of making mistakes, which stifles their creativity. This is a result of a system that punishes error and focuses too narrowly on academic subjects.
  • Intelligence is Diverse and Dynamic: Intelligence manifests in many different ways (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc.) and is fostered through interaction between diverse ways of thinking.
  • Rethinking Education: We need a new model for education that recognizes the full range of human capabilities. This approach will be necessary to address future challenges and opportunities.

There will be plenty of time for discussions and sharing ideas.

Looking forward to seeing you,