CONSENSE is a joint effort by the Faculty of Humanities & Education, Faculty of Health & Sport Sciences, School of Business & Law, Faculty of Engineering & Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Fine Arts, UiA’s Teacher Education Unit, UiA Nyskaping ANSATT, and UiA PULS (Centre for Teaching and Learning).

We envision a future where learning experiences seamlessly integrate cyberspace and the real, physical world. Understanding the opportunities offered by new technologies must match the effort to create new pedagogical and didactical methods for the benefit of future learners. Crucial to success is a credible and productive student partnership.

We believe that a co-creation initiative is the best approach to assembling a team that has the competencies and perspectives to achieve major breakthroughs. We included UiA Nyskaping ANSATT to ensure a high-quality co-creation process, and UiA PULS to continuously educate on the latest developments and findings.

We see the initiative as a solid foundation for future funding applications to NFR, EU, SFU 2024, and HKDIR.

Relation to UiA Strategy

UiA’s strategic priorities for education:

  • Emphasize sustainability expertise, generic skills, interdisciplinarity and global challenges in our degree programs.
  • Ensure that our study programs have a high degree of varied student participative and practice-oriented learning.
  • Develop innovative teaching and assessment methods that contribute to good learning.
  • Increase internationalization at home and abroad.
  • Develop relevant study offers for lifelong learning.
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